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Pigmentation On The Face

Pigmentation On The Face

A range of pigmentation problems can occur on your face as result of various conditions, but if they are minor discolorations they can be concealed quite easily with the use of a few make-up tricks. Melasma is a form hyper-pigmentation that manifests as dark pigmentation on the forehead, cheeks, bridge of the nose and upper lip area of the face. This can occur due to a change in hormones, if you are pregnant or taking a high-dose birth control pill. It is common in women with fair skin. Melasma can also affect women who are not pregnant or taking birth control pills if they suffer from a harmless hormone imbalance. A range of pigmentation irregularities can also affect women for other reasons. While dark brown spots can manifest anywhere on the face, common areas of pigmentation are under the eyes and on the upper lip. Dark circles under the eyes may be caused by smoking or fatigue. These dark circles may be hereditary and are usually more noticeable in people with dark skin. Dark pigmentation on the upper lip is another common problem cited by many women. Concealing these problems can be done relatively quickly and simply through make-up tricks.

The best treatment for dark circles under the eye is concealer. Concealers offer a thicker coverage than foundations and some concealers are formulated specifically to provide coverage of irregular pigmentation. A number of concealers are available on the make-up market.  Products you may wish to try include Colorations, L’Oreal Dermablend and MAC Select Cover-Up. These concealers will cover dark circles under your eyes with surprisingly little effort.

For coverage of pigmentation on your upper lip, avoid using make-up that is heavy, as it may stick to the hairs in this area. Instead of using concealer, try mineral make-up that can offer good coverage and coloration without looking unnatural. Mineral make-ups contain natural minerals such as zinc. Jade Iredale is a brand recommended by cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and skin-care professionals. This has algae extracts to prevent moisture loss and protect from UV radiation. Apply several layers of your chosen make-up onto your skin to gain extra coverage.

Another trick that may work include the use of a self-tanner made specifically for your face. Put it on before you go to bed and you will wake up the next morning looking radiant with less noticeable pigmentation. As a precaution, test a small patch of skin to find out the results of the tanning lotion before you apply it to your entire face. This is suitable for occasional use and should not be used every day on an ongoing basis.

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