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Age Spots & Lemon Juice

Age Spots & Lemon Juice

Age Spots & Lemon JuiceAge spots otherwise known as solar lentigines, are patches of brown or black discoloration on the face, arms and forehead; also on the scalp of men who are bald. They tend to appear anywhere after the age of 40 and particularly if you are over exposed to the sun’s UV rays. If you were always one to wear protective gear, then your age spots may not appear until long after or none at all. These blemishes are not contagious though they tend to look that way sometimes. Age spots are quite curable, even with natural ingredients such as lemon juice.

If you heard that you could use lemon juice to treat age spots would you believe it? Well, lemon juice is a popular household name, particularly as it relates to getting stubborn stains from your laundry. It is not a new phenomenon for it to be used as a skin lightening solution and it has been used for decades. More and more people today are discovering the natural abilities of organic plants and what it yields. In addition, treatments can be rather expensive.

Lemons are a common commodity at the farmers markets or supermarket. It is something that almost every household have on hand. Lemons are cheap and so can be bought in bulk.  Those who have used it for medicinal purposes have found it to be rather effective. The reason for its effectiveness is that lemons contain a substance called alpha hydroxy acid as well as Vitamin C. These ingredients are also found in expensive facial washes, peels and creams. The alpha hydroxy exfoliates while the vitamin C promotes the production of collagen and acts as an antioxidant.

Here are the instructions on how to use the lemon juice to treat age spots:

  • Squeeze lemons to make juice, preferably organic lemons
  • Saturate cotton ball with lemon juice and rub onto the age spots
  • Leave this on for about 5 – 30 minutes. The maximum is recommended but if irritation occurs, try a shorter period.
  • This may be done as often as you like. Night times are effective too as sometimes when the body is at rest more can be accomplished.

Age spots are also not malignant. Nevertheless, if the blemishes on your skin look abnormal in its size and color, you should seek the advice of a dermatologist. He or she will through observation determine if you need a skin cancer screening.

Now that you know there is something in your kitchen to treat your age spots, you don’t have to live with them anymore, if you don’t want to. If you are not a fan of the idea of using lemons, there are still some other home remedies or over the counter medicines that can be used. Note, however, lemon juice can be used for a variety of reasons so you may want to stock up.

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