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Age Spots & Enzyme Therapy

Age Spots & Enzyme Therapy

From time to time we hear about cleansing as it pertains to our bodies and the reasons for some of the diseases or skin conditions like age spots. We live in a world where pollution surrounds us in every form. The air we breathe not only has oxygen but several other gases such as carbon monoxide. This is one of the reasons why in some countries vehicles have to pass an emission test before it is considered road worthy. When we inhale it goes straight to our lungs and our body does the job of sending the oxygen to the right places allowing our bodies to function as it would each and every day. But there comes a time when our organs fail to operate the way they should.age spots & enzyme therapy

Toxins in our bodies as a result of pollution and causes the production of these radicals wreaking havoc in our bodies. The end result or by product of this can be several illnesses. Skin conditions such as age spots are also caused by these free radicals.

Age spots are believed to be the result of free radical damage at the cellular level, including our DNA, which causes tissue damage. Free radicals are produced when the bond between the paired electrons are broken. This production causes a chain reaction and may also cause a malfunction in the enzymes.

Enzymes are what give the cells their lives and a part of the whole metabolism process. There are over 3000 actions that are performed by these molecules. It is imperative then, that we feed our bodies with the right nutrients, minerals and vitamins to promote these good molecules. Sadly, enzymes are not popular in the ingredients found in our daily vitamins and nutrients. And, unfortunately this deficiency will lead to various diseases or skin conditions such as age spots.

Age spots are flat brown or black patches of pigmentation found anywhere on the face, neck or arms. Typically it is caused from overexposure to sunlight. They are painless and harmless. It affects adults over the age of 40. Since it is not just a case of overexposure but that there might be some link to free radicals. We may want to consider enzyme therapy in order to prevent the appearance of age spots.

Considering the above facts, enzyme therapy is an excellent solution for treating age spots. Enzyme therapy includes systematic enzyme, enzyme peels and digestive enzyme therapy. Enzyme therapy on a whole is geared towards stimulating the enzymes already found in your body, and cellular activity. Enzyme topical creams and peels are effective methods for treating the spots. The cream is used to dissolve dead and damaged skin cells and exfoliate the skin, while leaving the healthy skin cells in place. The peel gently destroys the dead skin cells without harming the good ones and at the same time accelerates the growth of new skin cells. This is a long term treatment in that, between nine and twelve months you will see visible signs of your fading age spots.

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