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Keratosis Conditions

Keratosis Conditions

Keratosis is a skin condition that normally results from growth of tumors on the upper layer of the skin. This condition is non-cancerous therefore having no major effects or contagious issues to the skin. Before we look at the conditions related to keratosis let us look at the risk factors associated with Keratoses.

Keratosis affects people of all ages however some forms like Keratosis Pilaris affects the younger generation more than the older. Other risk factors linked to Keratosis are; having fair skin, blond or red hair. Suppose you work outdoors then take caution that long term exposure to the sun is also another risk factor, for the mothers know that multiple exposure to the sun can cause severe sunburn to you child since at their early stage in life their skin has not matured enough to protect itself from the sun’s rays.

The symptoms of Keratosis vary depending on the type of keratosis however they are more or less similar. For those having Actinic Keratosis then expect to have rough and dry skin lesions, a patch or growth will appear on the skin either localized to one area or all over the skin surface. The most common areas you will see this tumor is at the back of hands, on the face, scalp, chest or any part of the skin that is frequently exposed to the sun. The tumors begin as a flat or scaly part of the skin sometimes may be itchy and later develops to a hard and wart-like surface in some instances they have horny-like texture. The color of the tumors varies from gray, pink to red for some the tumors are of the same color as the skin. Actinic keratosis is a precancerous condition and must be treated as soon as possible to prevent progression into skin cancer.

Keratosis Pilaris is another type of keratosis that affects people of old age but mostly present in in children and those at the adolescent stage. Patients with Keratosis Pilaris mostly experience a patchy rash scattered on their skin. The patches are made up of very small bumps that are red in color. The affected area may have a rough texture due to the bumps which are red or light red in color that is if they cause inflammation.

Seborrheic keratosis looks the worst but is in fact totally harmless. Characteristics of this is a brown waxy growth on the surface of the skin. Treatment is only necessary if the lesion is irritated by clothing or jewelry, or for cosmetic reasons.

You should always see a doctor if you notice any changes or growths on you skin – only they are qualified to diagnose your condition and advise if treatment is necessary. Many people are unaware that keratosis treatment is available or even that they require a medical checkup since they are presumed to be harmless, you should not let these lesions remain on your skin and cause you discomfort due to friction between the lesion and garments. Seek a medical checkup once you detect this kind of symptoms since as much as they may be harmless, some have been linked to be precursors of cancer or to hide cancerous infections.

They say prevention is better than cure, treatment of Keratosis at an early stage is better and will prevent chances of other infections like skin cancer to occur.

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