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Treatment For Age Spots: Microdermabrasion

Treatment For Age Spots: Microdermabrasion

Age spots might look harmless but after a while, an untreated age spot infection can be a precursor to the development of skin cancer. Excess melanin is often produced while the damaging effects of UV rays from sunlight are causing age spots, this might result in some discolouration or pigmentation of the affected skin part, one of the best possible ways of removing these discolourations on the skin is through microdermabrasion techniques. Age spots are sometimes referred to as sun spots because of the similarities of the two infections and the fact that they both result from the damaging effects of the sun.

Microdermabrasion procedures involve the bombardment of the excessive pigmented region of the skin with some microscopic fine crystals, the fine crystals will rub against the pigmented region and with the successive treatments , the pigmented region is gradually faded and after a while, it will be completely treated. After this treatment, you skin will renew its collagen and redeveloped its elasticity and tenderness once again.

Microdermabrasion is easy to perform on the skin, it is quite painless, however you will need between 5-10 sessions of treatments before you get your age spots removed. Microdermabrasion will take a huge chunk of your time and it is quite expensive but it remains one of the most reliable ways to remove age spots completely. Microdermabrassion can be used to remove the most stubborn age spots, it is highly recommended worldwide and an individual can return to normal activities after treatment.

Creams and home remedies which claim to offer micro-dermabrassion effect on the skin are generally saying what is untrue, no facial age spot cream can be compared with the effect of microdermabrasion . One of the reasons why the use of microdermabrasion has been questioned is the fact that some individuals may report some form of itchiness, rashes, redness and some other forms of discomfort after treatment. These forms of mild problems can be overcome with the use of soothing balms or ointments.

Microdermabrasion age spot treatment can only be compared with laser treatments in effectiveness, microdermabrasion is safer and more effective than age spot fading creams or any cosmetic for that matter. Microdermabrasion does not offer long term side effects like many treatments and the side effects witnessed will disappear after few hours or days.

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