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Fractional Resurfacing For Age Spots & Pigmentation

Fractional Resurfacing For Age Spots & Pigmentation

Fractional resurfacing can be described as a Photo-thermolysis process in which the soft tissues of the skin are treated in order to diminish signs of ageing that has been brought about by excessive exposure of the skin to the sun over the years. Pigmentation irregularities as well as age spots on face, skin and the body can be removed through fractional resurfacing.

Fractional resurfacing involves the use of special laser technology which dots on the face of the skin some light emissions, the laser treatment will leave some tiny pockets of untreated skin layer around the layer that has just been heated by the laser. The heating of the skin helps the skin regenerates faster and subsequent treatments in the following months will make the skin achieve a much better skin tone and the damaged skin retain its glowing nature.

There are several types of laser technology that can be used for fractional resurfacing, they are basically intended to replace the skin on the face and the neck , this kind of treatment is not used for all parts of the body. There are however some fractional resurfacing lasers designed to work for places like shoulders , arms, and neck which can also suffer from pigmentation and age spots as these are the areas most frequently exposed to the sun, and often without sunscreen. One of the benefits you should expect from fractional resurfacing is that it will lower the amount of damage caused just below the epidermal layer of the skin. This is a benefit you can not find in all types of laser technology.

One advantage of this treatment therapy is that is does not require an anesthesia and it can be performed on an outpatient . This form of treatment is ideal for both adult men and women however doctors often warn that people with dark skin tones subjected to this form of treatment may witness a permanent lightening of their skin tone. People taking some photo-sensitive drugs are also advised to stay away from taking fractional resurfacing treatments.

Though the fractional resurfacing technique is completed under one hour, however doctors recommend that there should be around 3 times of fractional resurfacing techniques performed to achieve the best possible result. The treatments are spaced around 1 week apart.

Recovery from fractional resurfacing techniques is very quick as patients often resume their normal activities the same week they are treated. Loosed skin becomes tightened while redness, freckles, brown spots as well as sun spots would have faded.

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