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Age Spots

Age Spots

Some of us look forward to aging while the rest of us may dread it. When we look at aged people we can clearly understand why most people would want to retain their youth. Some of the very many problems that old people face are the concern of age spots. Rightly named these are spots that develop as we age and are caused by constant exposure to the sun but seem to be an inevitable act of nature. These spots are harmless and only begin to show themselves when people near the middle age. They are an accumulation of the pigment melanin which is responsible for giving the skin its color. The more the melanin the skin has, the darker it gets.

Age spots increase with age and with the continuous exposure to the sun. These spots are common with people who develop freckles easily and those who get burnt easily. If you are young but you’ve began developing age spots this means that you have been in the sun more than enough times and you may be placing yourself at risk of developing skin cancer.

There are no known symptoms when it comes to age spots as they just appear. However, if you already have age spots then you notice that they may be getting bigger then it may be time to consult a doctor for further evaluation.
Age spots are flat in appearance and are like the size of a pea to that of dime at most. They have a round appearance but don’t entirely have smooth edges as they are slightly irregular.

Any experienced doctor can be able to diagnosis whether you have an age spot or not just from the appearance. The catch is that another skin condition which is called melanoma is also similar in looks but it is in fact cancerous so it is important that you doctor make that clear distinction.

There are products on the market that claim to help diminish or reduce the appearance of age spots. Examples are creams and chemical peels but with each it is important to note that each has their own side effects.

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