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Treating Skin Pigmentation Problems

Treating Skin Pigmentation Problems

Excessive external conditions often force those with lighter colored skin to develop pigmentation by producing melanin as a form of self defence against damage. In a situation where the skin dermis is producing melanin beyond its capacity and it is getting weak, then pigmentation problems arise making the skin appear patchy, discolored and uneven. A good skin pigmentation cream or formulation which is massaged thoroughly in the skin can help remove these blemishes, which can be in the form of, age spots or liver spots, melasma or chloasma which is also called the pregnancy mask.

Citric acid is one of the best natural treatments for pigmentation. Citric acid is recommended to be applied in the evening when your skin will not be exposed to the sun. When citric acid is applied during sunny periods it can cause damage to the skin. Applying citric acid twice daily can help you increase its powerful effect on the skin. Lemon juice in particular is a citric pigmentation reducing agent that can be used to get rid of discolorations on your skin. Before you begin your daily beauty routine, apply the lemon juice on the affected skin area and wash off after 30 minutes, then you can apply your normal moisturizer . You should repeat these steps every night before going to bed and after a few months of doing this you will notice the pigmentation fading away gradually.

You must ensure that you massage in thoroughly any kind of moisturizer you are using on the pigmented region of your skin. You need to ensure that your skin is still a little damp when applying a moisturizer as the ingredients can penetrate better into your skin’s dermis layer when the skin is damp. A moisturizer that contains effective ingredients like extrapone nutgrass should be used . A moisturizer that contains nutgrass agents or Cynergy TK can inhibit overproduction of melanin in the skin by as much as 45%. If you apply moisturizers containing Cynergy TH or nutgrass for 2 weeks, you will regain your vibrant and healthy beautiful looking skin. They also offer more elasticity and firmness to your skin.

Light scrubbing with a gentle exfoliator or microdermabrasion treatments at a beauty salon can also help you in getting rid of dead skin cells and excess pigmentation. Dead skin cells can block your pores and trigger acne, freckles or some other skin disorders which in turn can result in hyperpigmentation, however if you use an exfoliator or a product containing glycolic acid on your skin at least twice in a week this will help you get rid of such dead skin cells and help you achieve an even toned complexion. You can make use of sandalwood as your skin scrub. Try adding some honey to the sandal wood and then apply it on your skin for a natural home made remedy with the added bonus of smelling delicious.

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