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Natural Causes of Skin Pigmentation

Natural Causes of Skin Pigmentation

Skin color is brought about by the pigment melanin. It is naturally occurring and varies from individual to individual. As a standard there are basically two types of skin colors, but there is also a third. The first two are dark skins and light skins. The third one would be yellow skins. Our focus is more on the initial two as they will help us understand what skin pigmentation is and what causes it.

It is natural for dark skinned people to have more melanin as it is genetic while the opposite can be said of light skinned people. There are types of skin pigmentation such as hypopigmentation where not enough melanin is produced and hyperpigmentation where the pigment is produced in excess. The sun is one of the main contributors when it comes to skin pigmentation.

The following are the natural causes of melanin and with a few tweaks here and there you could study them out to learn how to avoid skin pigmentation.

Sunbathing– this has to be the most common known cause of skin pigmentation. It’s not much about being under the sun that’s the problem but how much UV rays hit you. Thanks to what we’ve done to our ozone layer, the amount of UV rays reaching the earth have increased thus increased the chances of getting skin pigmentation.

Poor nutrition– as hard as this may seem, the diet you eat actually has a role to play in whether or not your body is producing the right amounts of melanin. Undernourishment or malnourishment can have adverse reactions on your skin.

Melasma– this seems to be another common cause of skin pigmentation especially in women. As a result of ever changing hormone levels, the skin develops pigmentation. It is commonly seen in pregnant women and women who take birth control pills. Dysfunctional ovaries and thyroid glands can also be another cause of melasma.

Pregnancy– in relation to the point mentioned above, pregnancy is associated with a lot of hormonal changes. Due to these fluctuations, a pregnant woman may notice spots on her face developing. This is not the same for every pregnant woman and the condition varies.

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