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Pigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation Treatment

Melasma is a form of pigmentation which is also referred to as Chloasma or Mask of Pregnancy. Hormone imbalances as well as thyroid disorders can result in pigmentation and it can also be found occurring in some men. Genetic problems, stress as well as exposure of the skin to the sun will lead to a widespread of the skin hyperpigmentation. For many sufferers, the first choice of treatment is bleaching creams, however the effectiveness of these creams have been compared with the side effects of prolonged use.

Aside from the fact that the toxicity of several melasma bleaching creams calls for great concern, these creams may often come with some likely side effects, the use of Biological creams containing natural enzymes is increasing, however, many are still wondering if these creams are effective.

In evaluating the effectiveness of biological pigmentation creams , the ingredients used as well as natural factors are considered. Biological creams can be used as a form of escape from the harsh chemicals which are found in many chemical peels that can destroy the skin further . With these biological creams, skin renewal is encouraged because of the ingredients contained in such creams. Most of these biological creams must be applied twice daily for 2 months to achieve the best positive result, it is very important to follow instructions as the sensitivity of individual’s skin may determine the actual time the condition is healed.

Glyco-conjugates as well as Glyco-proteins are other components that will also determine the effectiveness of Biological creams for treatment of pigmentation. Glyco-proteins as a matter of fact are directly involved in the functioning of the immune system as well as communicate with the cells in identifying damaged skin cell tissues, Biological creams regenerate the skins collagen and helps quicken the identification of dead skin cells with the aim of replacing such cells .

Many biological pigmentation treatment creams contain Liposomes which resemble some materials found in the cell membranes found in the body. These Liposomes can be extracted from various sources including the Gingko plant. They promote Collagen production, and they saturate skin cells helping the skin heals itself naturally.

The presence of antioxidants in biological pigmentation creams also possess the ability to lighten the skin and prevent further skin degeneration during pigmentation treatments. Vitamins C, E as well as Zinc are ideal for a good skin and such antioxidants can help skin renewal.

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