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What Causes Melasma?

What Causes Melasma?

Most of us have come across one form of pigmentation or another. They are very common. Some are naturally occuring such as birthmarks, while others such as freckles and moles have their own unique causes. For most the main culprit is the sun. Most skin conditions come as a result of this. One such skin condition is melasma, also known as chloasma, or mask of pregnancy.
Melasma is a skin condition in which the skin becomes discolored in patches of brown. This condition is said to be seen a lot in women during their pregnancies. Although not unheard of, it is quite rare for men to develop this skin condition. The type of disorder is thought to be caused by extreme exposure to the sun, hormonal changes during pregnancy and hormonal changes that come about as a result of birth control pills.

Extreme exposure to the sun
This is as a result of spending too much time in the sun without wearing or applying anything protective to protect yourself. As a result the melanocytes found within your skin cause the melanin which is the pigment that gives the skin its color, to rise. This will lead to the skin becoming darker.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy
When a woman falls pregnant there are many changes that her body undergoes. One of them is a hormonal change. Different hormones act differently during pregnancy as compared to when a woman is not pregnant. These hormones can cause a rise in the production levels of melanin leading to some areas of the skin becoming darker than others.

Hormonal changes as a result to the pill
Many women using birth control pills are also at risk of developing melasma. This is because the chemicals found inside these pills mimic the hormones during pregnancy thus giving you the same results as if you were pregnant. Another dangerous side effect of birth control pills is that it leads to weight gain.
Melasma is not limited to pregnant women and women who use the pill alone. As mentioned earlier there have been cases of men developing this condition. There are also women who’ve never been pregnant and have never used the pill yet they still develop the condition.
In women who are pregnant, melasma can vanish on its own a few months after giving birth. It may leaves some scarring that will never properly heal. For those women who experience melasma as a result of taking birth control pills then they can stop and it tool will clear.

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