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Causes Of Age Spots

Causes Of Age Spots

Causes Of Age SpotsAge spots are a common problem amongst the middle aged. They are dark in color and small in size. They have a number of factors that lead to their development in people. What most people don’t realize is that there are diseases that can lead to age spots. A condition like acne can lead may leave the skin with post trauma thus giving way for age spots to form. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, Linea Fusca and Riehl’s melanosis are all examples of other diseases who may give way to the formation of age spots.

Another subtle cause of age spots, commonly called liver spots or sun spots, is certain medication. Some medication as a side effect, cause the skin to become more sensitive and this may result in age spots as a result of increased sensitivity to light. In this case light skinned people would be more affected as opposed to those who have dark skin. Some medication also has the ability to cause sun spots without the individual ever being exposed to extreme sunlight. These are the most common medications found on the market that are known to cause brown spots; sulfonamides, phenytoin, amiodarone, estrogens and tetracycline.

Exposure to UV light is another major cause of age spots. UV rays are not only responsible for liver spots but for other skin diseases too. What with our ozone layer being constantly eroded due to harmful gases emitted into the atmosphere, it can no longer perform its duty of filtering the UV rays thus leaving humans at risk. Common types of brown spots that are caused by UV rays are freckles, melasma, and ephelides.

There are also some other causes of age spots. As minor as they may be they are still taken into account. Pregnancy is one known cause of excessive pigmentation especially melasma. This may be as a result of the release of some hormones during that time which cause the skin to darken on certain areas of the face and back of the arms and legs. Pituitary tumors, liver disease and Addison’s disease are other examples of causes of age spots.

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