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Treatment of Liver Spots – Pros & Cons of Bleaching Creams

Treatment of Liver Spots – Pros & Cons of Bleaching Creams

Liver spots are often characterized with large brown spots which may appear to be freckle-like spots but are not actually freckles. Though it can develop on any one at any age but the spots are more common in people who are over 40 years of age. The back of the hands, face, arm and shoulders which are more exposed to sunlight are predominantly affected while in some instances the exposed parts of the legs can also be affected . Bleaching creams can offer a systematic and longer term removal of age spots, it is however important to weight the advantages and disadvantages of such treatments before applying it.

The major advantage of using bleaching creams on liver spots is that it reduces the appearance of the liver spots and gradually fades them, making an individual feel more comfortable. The skin discolourations resulting from liver spots become completely unnoticeable within 2-3 weeks of applying a good bleaching cream. Aside from the fact that liver spots are removed, bleaching creams often increase the softness of a skin and diminish wrinkles alongside any other kind of skin imperfections . An even tone, clearer and more rejuvenated skin is achieved with a good liver spot bleaching cream.

The main disadvantage of using liver spot bleaching cream is the fact that hydroquinone (which is a crystalline substance derived from benzene or some other hydrocarbon rings) are quite harmful for some skin types. Hydroquinone comes with power to mutate skin cells and that can actually lead to skin cancer.

Mercury is another toxic heavy metal that comes with several liver spot bleaching creams. Mercury can cause irreversible skin damages as well as life threatening conditions . Some common conditions that can result from the use of mercury containing bleaching creams include; brain, kidney and nerve damages.

Glucocorticosteroids are some other common ingredients in liver spot bleaching creams. Though they are always available in safe amounts, but if such creams are used for prolonged period of time, they may result in health complications such as osteoporosis, acne infections, muscle weaknesses, and cataracts. The prolonged abuse of skin whitening creams can result in darker skin formation and that may trigger freckles or some other forms of skin infections.

Small patches of skin infections are the earliest known allergic reactions that may occur as a result of excessive usage of bleaching creams. If you suffer from an abnormal reaction to a product you should discontinue use and consult your doctor.

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