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Fractional Resurfacing For Brown Spots, Freckles & Age Spots

Fractional Resurfacing For Brown Spots, Freckles & Age Spots

Laser resurfacing can be described as a collection of several forms of lasers in the fractional resurfacing techniques performed on the skin. The length and intensity of the Laser energy are controlled in such a way that thermal damage as well as ablation of the skin is expected. Fractional resurfacing is ideal for the treatment of skin pigmentation disorders such as freckles, age spots, sun spots, environmental skin damage, as well as scarring.

With fractional resurfacing techniques, the laser pulses light energy to preserve some tiny bands of untreated skin areas. This will ensure that the patient receives both non ablasive and ablasive treatment. This helps the skin regenerate quickly and with this laser treatment, an individual can personalize the tightening of the skin as well as the ablation levels simply by changing the hand pieces that have been specially designed for the treatments.

Fractional resurfacing can be used in treating difference areas of the body including the neck, back, chest, shoulders, and the hands. The advantages of using this form of laser technology are numerous. The recovery time is much less because within 2-4 days you would have recovered from the treatment. Aside from this, the treatment can be performed under 1 hour while the intensity of the light treatment can be set to fit every individuals needs.

People suffering from sun damage such as age spots on face, neck, shoulders and chest can be treated effectively with fractional resurfacing. Laser can be performed on both adult males and females, however people with a weakened immune system cannot be subjected to this form of treatment.

When undergoing the laser fractional resurfacing techniques, the patient’s eyes are first protected by wearing goggles, after this the medical personnel will then use the hand held laser device to focus the light pulses and the heat energy over the area of skin to be treated. These are the skin cells underneath the epidermis layer. The blood in the vessels coagulate and the vessels collapse under the heat , this will ensure that new cell growth as well as collagen fibers are energized while the epidermis layer remains protected until the healing of the treated area is completed.

Sterile bandages are applied on treated areas while the patient may be offered some acetaminophen during their recovery period. The skin heals after some days, though some skin flaking may be witnessed but such can be removed with creams and lotions. The majority of patients are impressed with the results and see their pigmentation disappear completely or at least their age spots fade considerably.

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