August 2011

Age Spot Removal Creams

August 31, 2011

Age Spot Removal Creams Age spots have had the best of skin care experts seeking more and better age spot removal creams than those available in the market. This is a field that has seen even beauty specialists have venture into it, every specialist trying to come up with a cream that will be both [...]

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Pigmentation Problems & Diagnosis

August 30, 2011

Pigmentation Problems & Diagnosis Pigmentation problems will manifest in the skin’s appearance. Skin may become discolored or blotchy, making areas of the skin appear lighter or darker than normal. Pigmentation disorders are caused by an overproduction or underproduction of melanin, which is a natural pigment in the body that produces hair, eye and skin color. [...]

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IPL To Treat Seborrheic Keratosis

August 29, 2011

IPL To Treat Seborrheic Keratosis IPL or intense pulsed light therapy is a light technology that is designed to produce light of high intensity over a very short period of time. The technique is mainly used for the removal of body hair & pigmentation but can also be used effectively to treat seborrheic keratosis. It [...]

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Liver Spots Treatment

August 28, 2011

Liver Spots Treatment Liver spots are also known as “Lentigo senilis” and are brown spots that occur on the skin as  a person ages and are caused by excessive exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Unlike earlier believed they have no physiological connection to complications of the liver. The spots vary from tan [...]

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Keratosis Creams

August 27, 2011

Keratosis Creams Keratosis creams are creams which are developed to be applied topically on the skin to eliminate blemishes such as bumps, redness, rashes, acne and even scars which have persisted on the skin for long periods of time. The cream when applied on the skin will make the spots softer and less noticeable making [...]

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Removal Of Age Spots At Home

August 26, 2011

Removal Of Age Spots At Home Once you reach the age when you develop age spots a frustration of dealing with this issue does crop up. Many will seek to have the spots done away with using medicines and chemicals specially designed to fade brown spots. This is a good method more so when it [...]

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Pigmentation & Melasma Make-Up Advice

August 25, 2011

Pigmentation & Melasma Make-Up Advice Melasma is a hyper-pigmentation condition that occurs due to pregnancy hormones. When a woman is pregnant or taking a high-dose birth control pill she may experience melasma. It is especially common in white women and women with fairer skin and blond hair. This pigmentation problem manifests as blotchiness in skin [...]

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Liver Spots & Hydroquinone

August 23, 2011

Liver Spots & Hydroquinone Liver Spots is a condition caused by irregular and uneven production and distribution of melanin in the skin due to prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays. Because of this fact, this condition is most common in old people who have lived a significant chunk of their lives under the scorching rays [...]

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Seborrheic Keratosis & Sunscreen

August 21, 2011

Seborrheic Keratosis & Sunscreen Seborrheic Keratosis is a wart-like growth that occurs on the skin mostly in individuals over the age of forty. It is benign and therefore is not cancerous at all, unlike what most people may think. Being benign, however, does not mean that these kinds of outgrowths are not harmful at all. [...]

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Keratosis Home Remedy

August 20, 2011

Keratosis Home Remedy Keratin as we all know is a natural portentous substance that guards our skin against contamination by harmful substances. When keratin inside the hair follicle forms clogs it results to an infection known as Keratosis. This infection occurs due to the skins direct exposure to the sun’s rays for a very long [...]

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