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Cures For Melasma

February 9, 2012

Cures For Melasma Many doctors & sufferers are of the opinion that it is completely impossible to treat melasma, but the truth is that “cures for melasma” work for some and not for others. Mant of those afflicted with this hormone related skin condition have made use of several methods or products prescribed by so [...]

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Epidermal Melasma

January 29, 2012

Epidermal Melasma Melasma can occur up in two forms. It can either be dermal melasma or epidermal melasma, or a mixture of both. The former comes up directly under the surface of the skin, while the later comes up on the surface of the skin. The skin condition appears in a dark color. It usually [...]

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Dermal Melasma

January 23, 2012

Dermal Melasma Dermal melasma is a kind of melasma that appears from deep below the surface of the skin. It is diagnosed by a dermatologist with the use of a Wood’s Lamp. Melasma comes in form of a brown color, but can also appear as gray or blue color. This pigmentation can show up on [...]

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Pigmentation & Melasma Make-Up Advice

August 25, 2011

Pigmentation & Melasma Make-Up Advice Melasma is a hyper-pigmentation condition that occurs due to pregnancy hormones. When a woman is pregnant or taking a high-dose birth control pill she may experience melasma. It is especially common in white women and women with fairer skin and blond hair. This pigmentation problem manifests as blotchiness in skin [...]

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Removing Melasma

June 19, 2011

Removing Melasma Melasma is usually associated with pregnancy in women, hence it alternative name “pregnancy mask”. It rarely occurs in men and it is a skin disorder that will disappear naturally after a woman delivers a baby or when she stops using birth control pills. Patients are often advised to take precautionary methods in avoiding [...]

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February 24, 2011

Melasma Melasma is a skin condition where the skin discolors to black or tan. This skin conditions affects various body parts. It mostly affects the lips, forehead, cheeks and the nose. It is not cancerous and therefore causes no health hazard. Melasma is also referred to as chloasma or pregnancy mask and it appears on [...]

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Why Do I Have Melasma?

February 3, 2011

Melasma is a skin condition whereby there is an overproduction of the skin pigment melanin. Melanin is responsible for giving skin its color and so the darker the skin, the more the melanin present and the opposite can be said for light skinned people. This condition is characterized by uneven patches on the skin which appear to be discolored. They may be black, brown or grey in color. The three main causes of melasma are; hormones when pregnant, hormones when taking the pill and continuous exposure to the sun.

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What Causes Melasma?

December 29, 2010

Most of us have come across one form of a skin condition or another. They are very common. Some are caused by the same things while others have their own unique causes. For most the main culprit is the sun. Most skin conditions come as a result of this. One such skin condition is melasma.

Melasma is a skin condition in which the skin becomes discolored in patches of red and brown. This condition is said to be seen a lot in women during their pregnancies. Although not unheard of, it is quite rare for men to develop this skin condition. The type of disorder is thought to be caused by extreme exposure to the sun, hormonal changes during pregnancy and hormonal changes that come about as a result of birth control pills.

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Types of Melasma

September 14, 2010

Types of Melasma Melasma, otherwise called chloasma or pregnancy mask, is often characterized by some hyperpigmentation or discolouration primarily on the face. There are basically three types of chloasma that occur primarily on the face and these are; Malar{cheekbones}, Centro-facial{ center of the face}, and Mandibular {jaw bone}. Among the three types of facial melasma, [...]

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Melasma: What Are Your Options?

September 1, 2010

Melasma: What Are Your Options? Melasma is a skin pigmentation problem wherein an area on the skin becomes darker than its surrounding skin and is alternately called chloasma. The term chloasma is most used when indicating melasma obtained throughout the span of pregnancy. A melasma is a brownish area characterized by flatness and having irregular [...]

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